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Why do some people fail…?

Why do some people fail in this industry?

On the surface this may seem like a very simple question that could be answered by a few of the obvious reasons…

They quit.
They didn’t plug in.
They didn’t participate.


What you want to ask yourself, or maybe even know about yourself, is WHY…

WHY didn’t they follow through, while others do?

When I finally learned the answer to this question, it was quite sobering…

Not only did the reason behind their results come into the open, but the reason for my recent journey to MLM success became apparent as well.

So what’s the answer?

Why do most people fail when a select few succeed?

Let me tell you…

Those who do succeed have a Core Desire to do so.

Those who don’t share that same Core level of desire will not.

The only time anything ever gets done in your life – When you follow it through to completion with a sense of urgency, is when you desire to accomplish that task at Core Level of 100 on a scale of 100.

You must accomplish it. It’s a part of you. It consumes you.

It dominates your thoughts above and beyond anything else each day and all day.

These are Core desires, and the people who achieve notable success in network marketing, have that accomplishment as a core desire.

They are the ones you see on stage and hear on the training calls.

That’s it.

That’s the secret.

If attaining your goal, whether it be to pay off your credit cards, buy a house, save for retirement, or fire your boss, is not a core desire, and not attached to your networking business, you will not succeed. Period.

The sad truth, is that most people in this industry did not buy a business, they bought hope.

And hope is never backed by true desire.

Hope is for the undecided.

The desire to never work for anyone else again has been one of the  dominating force in my life, and it’s the reason I didn’t quit after I first started my sojourn in this industry.

Yet I kept going forward without doubt because I have this core desire at a level of 100 to succeed in networking.

And this means my success was 100% guaranteed. It was no longer a matter of IF, but when…

So that’s why people you sponsor quit.

Don’t get frustrated. 80% of people who join you will never sponsor more than 1 rep or customer. Most people simple don’t have the desire at a level of 100 to accomplish their goals through their new business. They just bought hope in order to quiet that little voice inside them that keeps nagging them to make a change.

Once they buy the business, and they don’t make $1,000 in 5 days, they can then justify their fear of change with the “logic” that it just “didn’t work”, and that they knew it was a scam to begin with… This is especially true with opportunity seekers, which is why I don’t waste my money on leads and why you shouldn’t either.

So sad, yet so true. People are funny aren’t they?

So my question to you is…

What is your desire level to achieve your goal through network marketing?

Is it at 50? (like most people)

Is it at 80? (not enough)

Is it at 90? (not enough)

Or is it at 100? (The only number that WILL produce results).

You should be able to tell pretty quickly…

What do you do each day to build your business? How many books on the industry do you own? How many conference calls are you on each week? How many people do you talk to about your business/product each day?

What would you be willing to give and sacrifice to succeed?

I hope the answer to that questions is “whatever it takes”, because I can promise you the end result is worth the sacrifice.

So how can you tell if your prospect is going to succeed or fail from the very first phone call?


Ask them this question: “So which books are you currently reading on personal development and marketing?”

Anyone who is TRULY serious about being a successful entrepreneur will be able to name at least one book they are reading right now.

Those who can’t, are just kidding themselves.

Welcome to the future!

To Your Outstanding Success,

How Leaders think…

If you read my last post then you should be curious about what I will write next. Since I got in contact with Network marketing, my personal development has skyrocketed. I have been able to improve myself as well as others within my circle of influence.

Network marketing is very unique in that it’s the only business opportunity that’s ever been marketed to the general public on such a massive scale. It has been called the great equalizer because almost anybody can be a part of it. It is indeed the greatest opportunity in the history of capitalism. With a minimum start-up fee, Network Marketing provides people a vehicle to earn as much money in a month as they would in a year. It`s one of the most exciting and rewarding business in the world. It doesn’t care whether you are male or female, tall or short, college graduate or high-school dropout, European or African, rich or poor. It doesn’t care. So, people come in droves to seek a better lifestyle.

Little wonder people like Bill Clinton, Warren Buffett, Donald Trump, Steven Covey, Tom Peters, Robert Kiyosaki, Robert Allen, Mark Hensen, Jim Collins have all endorsed the industry. Companies like Berkshire Hathaway, Time Warner, Citigroup, Virgin, Mary Kay, Amway all function with network marketing models. Robert Kiyosaki said in his book, The Business School,

“If I had to do it all over again, rather than build an old-style type of business, I would have started building a network marketing business.”

Unfortunately, the more people rush in, the more they rush out. It has been researched and proven that 99% of people in this industry never achieve a full-time income level. Why? The way they think!

The only people who make it big in this industry are leaders. Leaders! Period. And these leaders think differently. If you are like me, you should have thought that leaders in network marketing must be doing something different….yes, you thought right. They do. And one of the things they do is that they think differently.

They have an abundance mentality which is a core concept needed for success. Leaders never come from a “frame of need”. They don’t “need” to sponsor people. They don’t “need” people to join them. They know that when they “need” something from others, they are automatically supplicating to them and giving them power. They do not fear failure or loss because they live in abundance.

One of the many reasons people give up and quit this industry is because of the criticism and disapproval. They are tired of many “Nos”. They allow people who have no interest in moving forward prevent them from moving forward. Leaders are different.

They are unconcerned with criticism. They have realized that because they are leaders, some people are prone to feel insecure and blame them for all their problems and they are ready even before those situations arise. A lot of unsuccessful people resent successful people because it`s the only option available to them when they are not willing to take responsibility for their own life`s circumstances. Leaders do not let these people or their comments affect them.

If you want to become a leader, you MUST think like leaders do.

The way to start thinking right is to start reading right. If you have been following this blog and you`ve not read the free books given out for free in the recommended tools page, then you are about to start. The bottom line is that you’re going to have to commit to developing yourself before you can ever achieve.

So, stop reading right now and go to the page, download the books and start reading. You will notice a difference in your mindset.

Welcome to the future!

To Your Outstanding Success,

Lessons from Ray Kroc

Ray Kroc was a Czech American businessman who took over the small-scale McDonald`s Corporation franchise in 1954 from the McDonald brothers – Richard and Maurice – and built it into the most successful fast food operation in the world.

Ray Kroc was a genius in more ways than one.

A networking business has been compared to a McDonald’s franchise in many ways, on many occasions. If you haven’t come across these comparisons before, I’m sure you can quickly think of a few on your own.

Here is what you may not have realized about Ray, McDonald’s, and your business…

Ray’s primary mission was to sell McDonald’s franchises to franchise buyers, which then sell the burgers to the customers.

More franchises = more burgers sold.

Pretty simple.

Our job as networkers is no different. We sell our franchise opportunity to others, and collectively market the product to the end consumer.

Here’s the interesting part to this…

McDonald’s food sucks. It’s about as far from good, fresh, quality food that you can get.

Yet it’s the largest and most successful franchise and fast food restaurant in the history of human kind.

How in the world is that possible!?

How can you become #1, by selling an inferior product?!

It goes against everything we think we know about business.

Well, this is exactly where the genius of Ray Kroc becomes apparent…

Ray knew the product wasn’t going to be the initial key to success for his franchise buyers, just as your product is not the initial key to your success in your mlm business. Having a good product is important after the fact… Once you actually have customers. Then it’s critical to give them exactly what they want.

The key to McDonald’s success with both franchise owners and customers, was their duplicatable system.

Ray knew his food couldn’t compare to the quality of other franchises. He also knew that potential franchise buyers didn’t give a hoot about McDonald’s or their burgers. What they did want, was to make money.

So Ray sold them EXACTLY what they wanted, which wasn’t a restaurant, but a machine that acquired customers, and turned them into cash.

He didn’t sell them the food, he sold them a system.

In fact the system was so fine-tuned, that you could take a team of unskilled, inexperienced high school kids, and have them run the show.

All they did was flip the switches, that ran the machine, which did the majority of the work behind the scenes.

The competition didn’t have a chance. Ray’s system was like a greased chute. You turn it on, and it churns out a predictable end result every time.

Franchise owners started buying and setting these machines up by the thousands, turned them on, and got the end result. That is why they bought McDonald’s and it’s inferior food over the competition.

As these machines popped up around the country, the end product to the consumer became more than just food. It became the predictable expectation and atmosphere provided by Ray’s magical machines.

And THAT is what McDonald’s provides better than anyone else in the world. That is their TRUE product to the consumer.
You go to McDonald’s because you know exactly what to expect. It’s a comfort for people.

So, as a network marketer, selling a business franchise, what are you selling to your potential buyers?

Unfortunately, you are probably trying to sell them on your company and your product. (A “mine-is-better-than-yours-burger-with all the trimmings”).

Am I right?

You have a ton of websites and material about your company’s history, their record breaking growth, their debt-free finances, the ORAC value of your product, the Physician’s Desk Reference number, the user testimonials… Blah blah blah.

Be smart.

Do what Ray did.

People get rich in this world by solving other people’s problems, and when you sell someone your opportunity, you are not solving a problem, you are giving them a bigger one!

“Congrats, you own the hottest networking business in the industry! (Slap on the butt), Now go get’em tiger!”

The most important concept I have ever learnt in business was gotten from Robert Kiyosaki. He outlined in almost all his books till date that

“The poor look for jobs, Rich men build systems”

Product and comp plans don’t make you successful. Systems do. And when I say systems, I mean a complete system which includes the pieces that bring in your customers (ads), sell them your product (marketing), and then deliver the goods.

These machines (ads and marketing) should be doing the work for you. All you need to do is push the “Go Button” and become buddies (customer service, cashiers) with the folks who come through the system. Not because you are unskilled or lazy, but because a system is duplicatable and you are not.

It provides a predictable result.

Show them and sell them a system for attaining the results they want, and they could care less about ORAC values, price points, and competition.

Solve their problem.

Provide them with a system that will bring them the results they desire, and you will reap success beyond your wildest dreams.

Learn how to create the machines that bring in the customers.

Learn how to create the marketing that sells them on your product or service.

Learn how to build a duplicatable system so effective, that anyone who bothers to show up to work will be successful.

Listen! You need not understand the entire concept. All you need to understand right now is that you need to do something different.

97% of people don`t reach the maximum income level. What you need to understand is what the top 3% of leaders in this industry do.

I`m prepared to reveal the secrets here. Stay tuned because I`ll be back SOON.

Welcome to the future,

Committed to your Outstanding Success,

Why MLM is never called a “Rat Race”?

While I know that a lot of people have a lot of things against network marketing, while I’ve heard that the industry denigrated in a variety of ways, not once have I heard it referred to as “the rat race”.

This graphic description has been used on every continent, and translated into every language to depict traditional business. “Rat race” literally means a sprint between the world`s most deplorable rodents, those who actually wiped out half the population of England during the Black Plague. And what is it they are so steadfastly pursuing? Refuse and rotten grain to eat enough to see one more day. If for no other reason than to help people avoid that, I feel that this website is a time whose time has come because the human condition should be a joyous flight among eagles, not a frenzied dash among rodents.

Listen. Let me share a graphic comparison between the rat race of traditional business and the freedom of network marketing. When traditional business grows, an entire population can be reduced to rats where they take to the streets, but when MLM corporations experience explosive growth, thousands of people go home and soar like eagles. Network marketing can give you the freedom to run errands during the times when others are confined to their little cubicles.

No matter how challenging you think this industry is, it has the greatest chance to offer you freedom. All you need to do is have a coach who has been there and can take you by the hand to lead you to “the promised land”.

Welcome to the future!

To Your Outstanding Success,

Why is Network Marketing So Appealing?

Here’s how network marketing works: As an independent representative (also known as a distributor, associate, consultant, member, or business owner) you form a partnership with a corporation that provides a product or service along with administrative and marketing support. With the corporation taking care of the back end of the business, you are free to focus on the frontline actions that produce income.

Your income comes from selling products or services, and from recruiting others to sell products or services. The higher your total sales, the higher your income.

What makes network marketing so attractive is that it costs almost nothing to start and very little to run. There is no up-front capital investment required, apart from a small outlay for a starter kit, so you can own your own business without using your own funds or having to borrow capital.

There is no ceiling on what you can earn, and you don’t have to sacrifice family and friends to join the highest echelon of achievers.

Most network marketers run their business from home, and they work it around their everyday life. Some opt to supplement the household income by working their business part-time while they, their spouse, or both of them continue in traditional employment. For others, their network marketing business is the sole source of household income.

Couples pooling their skills and resources to build a network marketing business together are becoming more common, allowing family to take center stage in their lives.

No one way works better than others. The point of network marketing is to provide freedom and flexibility to fit your personal ambitions and circumstances. What counts is that you get to decide what’s best for your life.

Network marketing is one of the few businesses where you can earn as you learn, right from the start. If you find yourself faltering:

  • Think of the millions who labor through years of university or college for a chance to join the ranks of the higher income earners.
  • Think of the millions who invest their own capital in a business only to end up working horrendous hours trying to make it pay against all odds.
  • Think of those who waste their life stuck in traffic, as they commute to the office and back.
  • Think of those who miss pivotal events in their children’s lives, due to work commitments.
  • Think of those who dread going to work each day to boring, repetitive jobs, not to mention having to work with and for people they wouldn’t spend time with under any other circumstances.
  • Think how lucky you are that you are at the helm of your own low-risk, high-reward business—business where you get to decide how your time will be spent and with whom you will spend it.

I have chosen to create this blog for everyone who is serious about making his or her dream for a network marketing business a financial and lifestyle reality. If you are prepared to move out of your comfort zone and commit to making it work, whatever your current situation, I will show you how to join the hundreds of thousands of people who enjoy a fabulous income and a dream lifestyle from their network marketing business: Wealth in the true spirit of the word.

Here are the three basic principles of network marketing:

1. There are no shortcuts. As with any endeavor, if you want to succeed you must be prepared to work hard, and work smart. And that starts with mastering the skills that have been proven to work by the millions who have already built successful businesses.

2. There are no excuses. If something isn’t working for you, you have to be prepared to change. That doesn’t mean looking around for a better company, a better system, or a new idea. It means changing you. Perhaps your attitude, the way you present yourself, the way you communicate, or your understanding of how the business works. This website will help you determine where to focus your time, energy, and resources to enhance your chance of success.

3. There are no trophies for trying. Network marketing rewards results. Not everyone will make it because not everyone is prepared to do what it takes. If you are prepared, the rewards you receive will make it all worthwhile. If you decide network marketing is not for you, you will have risked nothing and lost nothing. One of the strengths of the industry is that you can even keep your regular job while you are building your business.

Above all, believe you can do it. I know you can because I know how few skills and what little confidence I had when I and other people like me started. Every step you are about to take, I have taken, as have the millions who are now enjoying the rewards they worked hard for. Rewards that are waiting for you.

Welcome to a dynamic industry. If you are willing to learn and willing to work, you will create the life you and your family deserve and become a role model for others who dare to dream big dreams.

Welcome to the future!

Committed to Your Outstanding Success,

‘Tosin Adeoti