While I know that a lot of people have a lot of things against network marketing, while I’ve heard that the industry denigrated in a variety of ways, not once have I heard it referred to as “the rat race”.

This graphic description has been used on every continent, and translated into every language to depict traditional business. “Rat race” literally means a sprint between the world`s most deplorable rodents, those who actually wiped out half the population of England during the Black Plague. And what is it they are so steadfastly pursuing? Refuse and rotten grain to eat enough to see one more day. If for no other reason than to help people avoid that, I feel that this website is a time whose time has come because the human condition should be a joyous flight among eagles, not a frenzied dash among rodents.

Listen. Let me share a graphic comparison between the rat race of traditional business and the freedom of network marketing. When traditional business grows, an entire population can be reduced to rats where they take to the streets, but when MLM corporations experience explosive growth, thousands of people go home and soar like eagles. Network marketing can give you the freedom to run errands during the times when others are confined to their little cubicles.

No matter how challenging you think this industry is, it has the greatest chance to offer you freedom. All you need to do is have a coach who has been there and can take you by the hand to lead you to “the promised land”.

Welcome to the future!

To Your Outstanding Success,