Here’s how network marketing works: As an independent representative (also known as a distributor, associate, consultant, member, or business owner) you form a partnership with a corporation that provides a product or service along with administrative and marketing support. With the corporation taking care of the back end of the business, you are free to focus on the frontline actions that produce income.

Your income comes from selling products or services, and from recruiting others to sell products or services. The higher your total sales, the higher your income.

What makes network marketing so attractive is that it costs almost nothing to start and very little to run. There is no up-front capital investment required, apart from a small outlay for a starter kit, so you can own your own business without using your own funds or having to borrow capital.

There is no ceiling on what you can earn, and you don’t have to sacrifice family and friends to join the highest echelon of achievers.

Most network marketers run their business from home, and they work it around their everyday life. Some opt to supplement the household income by working their business part-time while they, their spouse, or both of them continue in traditional employment. For others, their network marketing business is the sole source of household income.

Couples pooling their skills and resources to build a network marketing business together are becoming more common, allowing family to take center stage in their lives.

No one way works better than others. The point of network marketing is to provide freedom and flexibility to fit your personal ambitions and circumstances. What counts is that you get to decide what’s best for your life.

Network marketing is one of the few businesses where you can earn as you learn, right from the start. If you find yourself faltering:

  • Think of the millions who labor through years of university or college for a chance to join the ranks of the higher income earners.
  • Think of the millions who invest their own capital in a business only to end up working horrendous hours trying to make it pay against all odds.
  • Think of those who waste their life stuck in traffic, as they commute to the office and back.
  • Think of those who miss pivotal events in their children’s lives, due to work commitments.
  • Think of those who dread going to work each day to boring, repetitive jobs, not to mention having to work with and for people they wouldn’t spend time with under any other circumstances.
  • Think how lucky you are that you are at the helm of your own low-risk, high-reward business—business where you get to decide how your time will be spent and with whom you will spend it.

I have chosen to create this blog for everyone who is serious about making his or her dream for a network marketing business a financial and lifestyle reality. If you are prepared to move out of your comfort zone and commit to making it work, whatever your current situation, I will show you how to join the hundreds of thousands of people who enjoy a fabulous income and a dream lifestyle from their network marketing business: Wealth in the true spirit of the word.

Here are the three basic principles of network marketing:

1. There are no shortcuts. As with any endeavor, if you want to succeed you must be prepared to work hard, and work smart. And that starts with mastering the skills that have been proven to work by the millions who have already built successful businesses.

2. There are no excuses. If something isn’t working for you, you have to be prepared to change. That doesn’t mean looking around for a better company, a better system, or a new idea. It means changing you. Perhaps your attitude, the way you present yourself, the way you communicate, or your understanding of how the business works. This website will help you determine where to focus your time, energy, and resources to enhance your chance of success.

3. There are no trophies for trying. Network marketing rewards results. Not everyone will make it because not everyone is prepared to do what it takes. If you are prepared, the rewards you receive will make it all worthwhile. If you decide network marketing is not for you, you will have risked nothing and lost nothing. One of the strengths of the industry is that you can even keep your regular job while you are building your business.

Above all, believe you can do it. I know you can because I know how few skills and what little confidence I had when I and other people like me started. Every step you are about to take, I have taken, as have the millions who are now enjoying the rewards they worked hard for. Rewards that are waiting for you.

Welcome to a dynamic industry. If you are willing to learn and willing to work, you will create the life you and your family deserve and become a role model for others who dare to dream big dreams.

Welcome to the future!

Committed to Your Outstanding Success,

‘Tosin Adeoti

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